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With this presentation I close a very rare stage in my artistic development. Rare because it has brought me many confusions: Is this really what I want to do? Is it necessary to wrap myself so much in my works? What do I really want to say? What is the method that I should use to express myself in art? Is this what I want to do? At the same time I must say that this presentation helped me a lot because I had the opportunity to finish a stage. A stage that for many was not clear enough, and that for me so far is not clear either. It's like being in a turbulent of ideas and attempts that I couldn't understand. Talking about the my family art project and my presentations seems to be talking about of two different worlds. This is why I have come to the conclusion that if I want to talk about family I must do it deferentially and without detours. With my performances I have told my story in an indirect way and with riddles that were difficult to decipher. I was doing this performances in particular in a very impulsive and spontaneous way revealing my soul to the public. Furthermore to me it's more important to feel than to understand what I'm doing while I'm practicing a performance. And with this presentation I managed to feel the intensity of dislodging a sentiment of liberty that was not that much perceptual to the public. That feeling that the word family brings me. For not having a family or not feeling part of a family or accepted by my family. I wanted to give the public a sense of my feeling of loneliness despite having a big family in numbers. I wanted to tell a story even though I was not sure if this was the best way of showing it. Nevertheless at that particular moment it was perfect to help me initiate other works. This presentation also taught me that I can not speak after a performance because I need space to understand since for me performance is something spiritual and I need time to analyze and understand what happened at that moment.

Xangó is a song of Brazilian origin dedicated to the God Xangó