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Promiscuous Family

This is nota about the reality
And this is not about fantasy 
This is about being together and to hold each other’s back
we can't enter each others thought but we can hold on to each other
You don't need to hug some one to love some one 
It can start with hate and end up in a great relationship
But there is nothing compared to the blood
To identify urself with the blood
The Blood, something that flows through all your vessels,
But that is not specifically the DNA
The DNA will tell you were you came from
The DNA something more complicated than we actually think
For example it has 4 main bases: Adenine Cytosine Thymine and Guanine
These 4 main bases will pair with each other in simultaneous ways to make code
But Adenine will always be with Thymine 
And Cytosine will always be with Guanine
Don't forget chromosome that's the DNA molecule

That one part of that one chromosome that has the code for that one gene that will make you relatable to your mother, your father or other relatives
This will always be visible in you phenotype
And people will notice this.. and.." Ooh your daughter looks like you"
You will feel proud of this
And your daughter will feel like she belongs somewhere
All of us has the need and urge to belong somewhere
But globalisation didn't made it easy for any one
Everyday it's complicated to feel at home
I became easy to belong everywhere which means that you don't belong anywhere
A family now is something that's not determine by blood anymore
But by identify with a certain group
Identification is so important for us as humans but we are hiding ourselves behind those Instagram frames
Uniqueness became something almost unreachable 
And as an artist it's really stress full

Coming from a country where family is something really essential and family in the sense of the blood-line 

I thought I had enough time to dissolve everything that happened
I thought that I could understand the ways of our destiny
I thought that I could forget something that I did for 2,5 years of my life.
I thought that I won't miss it anymore
I sigh that one dream that I didn't accomplish at the same time I try to convince myself that I won't need it anymore
Happiness means that you have enough money to be happy
I don't recall that moment when money became so to me
Sometimes I feel like I'm a walking calculator
How much does a family cost?
How much does it cost to have you by my side? To have you day and night?
How much does it cost to say goodbye to my little cookie?
How much does it cost to give you a kiss everyday before you leave to work?
Everything revolves around money 
You need money even to pretend to be someone 
There is a big difference between the day that I left you and the day that I will see you again
And I miss you each and every day more and more 
It seem like life had separated us  at the worth of 1000 euros
And our happiness will worth money and our happiness will worth love
There is no sense into making sense out of this